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The power of simplicity meets with warm materials. All four penthouses have

a wooden terrace where you can enjoy your hot chocolate after a long day

in the mountains. Observing how the sun sets slowly in front of the mountain panorama of Brecherspitz & Ko.


Starry Nights

What is more beautiful after a long day in the mountains than sitting on a panoramic terrace and watching a shooting star?

Definitely an invite to take it slow and relief.

60 sqm, four-poster bed and rain shower.



Thinking of Casakade you might first get the image of falling water. Here in Hausham it stands for the flow of knowledge over generations. It is this heritage of knowledge of Bavarian craftsmanship that has been passing on continuously. 60 sqm, four-poster bed and rain shower.



Who says you cannot grow such an unconventional beauty like a mirabelle plum tree close to a coal mine? Surrender to a special holiday experience, in harmony how nature itself does. 60 sqm, four-poster bed and rain shower.


Wild Within

We understand that after a long day of skiing arriving at a space full of concrete might rise doubts. Nevertheless „Wild Within” exists in all of us. It is what makes us dive deep into adventures, whether in the nature or in well designed living spaces. 60 sqm, four-poster bed and rain shower. Dogs are here expressively welcome.

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