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About us

The Pförtnerhaus was built in the times of coal mining in Hausham. Rich dark coal deposits lead to its extraction since 1860. In 1920 Pförtnerhaus was constructed. Its function was once to be the gateway to the mines in the region which where conveying coal until 1966. Today it is only the production tower being the one and only industrial monument in Upper Bavaria remembering those times.

History of the Pförtner Penthouse



At the times of coal mining it served as place for washing for the miners.


Core renovation


During the core renovation in 2021, an architecturally straightforward penthouse extension was added to the former gatehouse. It gives the historic, industrial-looking building a new flair. By respecting its history and nature, using local materials like the regional spruce wood. That looks and also smells good. Design & furniture manufacturing in partnership with Eham.

Healthy well-being

Sustainable laundry service, eco bedlinen

At the same time we are tech-conscious.

Easy check-in and out: keyless.

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